Book Review: If God Is Good

I wrote a long detailed review and my computer ate it.  So….I’m now going to give you the short version.  If God Is Good by Randy Alcorn is one book every student of the Bible should have in their library.  It is a comprehensive examination of the problem of evil.  The subtitle of the book “Faith in the midst of suffering and evil” gives away the authors main insight: No one is immune to suffering and evil but faith in the goodness of God enables believers to endure and survive whatever comes their way.  This is not a book to read after a tragedy it is the book to read now to prepare you Biblically for life in the real world.  I give it priority status on my bookshelf.  I continue to be impressed by the author’s skillful Biblical exegesis, attention to detail, unflinching examination of hard questions, and the way he incorporates personal and anecdotal stories which keeps this deep book very interesting.  Highly recommended.

Click here to preview If God Is Good on and to watch a video interview of Randy Alcorn.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review