Need a good daily devotional book?

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 For over 14 years I published by email a daily devotional called “Survival Guides“.  Out of these thousands of devotionals I picked 366 of my favorite and published them as Survival Guides, Daily Devotions to Help You Spiritually Survive and Thrive!  You get a full year of  the best of Survival Guides for only $19.95 (Paperback) or $5.95 (Kindle) from Amazon!

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Responses from Survival Guides readers:
  • “Thanks for allowing the Lord to use you to inspire so many of us. I live and work in Botswana, Southern Africa”.
  • “Good stuff, Tim. It’s nice to hear the true message of the Gospel, grace and unconditional love, as opposed to the “change and God will love you”message that gets a lot of air time in the church. I believe.”
  • Thanks so much for your messages from Psalm 23…I have sent them around the US, and to a new Christian brother in Selangor, Malaysia. Two years ago he destroyed his Buddhist idols and his soul has been on fire for Jesus Christ since that time. He tells me when he is in the states again, and has time, he would really like to meet you.”



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