Who’s next?

This is a great follow up with a great example from my talk at CCF 8 Oct 2015

Join the Movement

As he introduced us to Saul/Paul last night, Tim Hudson (former lead campus minister at CCF) made the powerful point of how God made the greatest Christian leader of a generation (Paul) out of one of if not the greatest persecuted of Christians.  He then elaborated on this saying with many examples saying, “the next (insert modern Christian leader here) might currently be (insert non-Christ-like description here).”  Something like – the next Mother Teresa might currently be a prostitute.  His point was God can and does use anybody to accomplish powerful things for His kingdom.  If he can use a man that persecuted Christians the way Paul did to spread the Gospel all over the Mediterranean rim in the 1st century, then He can use you as well.

This idea was struck home to me this morning by a reading from today’s entry in a book I read…

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