Family Discussions

“Family discussions are often difficult, but this is what healthy families do — they work through the challenges rather than run from them.

There are good arguments to be made on both sides of this question — so let’s make them. There are important questions to ask — so let’s ask them. There are emotional issues that pull at our hearts — so let’s talk about them. There are generations of the past to whom we owe so much and a generation of those now living we desperately want to reach — so let’s bridge them. There are legal and financial issues to consider — so let’s consider them. There are so many Southern Baptists from which we need to hear — so let’s listen to them.

Most importantly, there is a world desperately in need of the Gospel of Jesus Christ — so we must not allow this question to divert our energies from the Great Commission task. It will not matter what we call ourselves if we lose sight of the one great cause that has brought us together.”

The above quote is from Dr. Bill Mohler. It is powerful for more situations than considering changing the name of a convention. It applies to literal family units that are struggling with hard decisions. Too many times people become paralyzed when a discussion that needs to be had is ignored or postponed indefinitely. This usually results in no decision which is usually the worst decision.

Is there something in your family that needs discussed and not ignored? Is there a situation that you’ve been putting off that has the potential to greatly impact your loved ones that needs to be looked at seriously? I am on my way to embrace one of those because I can’t think of anything more worth the time, work, and emotional energy to work through for God’s glory than my relationship to my family.

Can I suggest that a healthy family doesn’t run from those discussions…. they embrace them to work through them for God’s glory.

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