An invitation

I am speaking at The University of Georgia Christian Campus Fellowship tonight at 7:30pm. There is a free dinner preceding which begins at 6:45pm. If you are in the Athens Area (or not) I invite you to come join me there. CCF is a vibrant place and being asked to come back and speak there occasionally is a privilege and a pleasure. Sheila and I spent almost 29 years leading the ministry and Angela Denton Rachel was by my side for 19 of those years. She now leads the ministry and is doing a great job.

This semester’s theme is “Authentic Christian”. My message tonight is on what I believe is the definitive quality that makes us authentically Christian. Luke 6:26-36 is my text. If you are intrigued – good! Come out and hear my answer to the question “What is the mark of an authentic Jesus follower?”

3 thoughts on “An invitation

    1. I don’t know, Josh, but the University made us stop using any logo with a likeness of the Arch in it. But I sneak one in occasionally! (and I do have my Arch bookends so there…):-)


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