Short and Sweet

From Rubio Boys

These are my two youngest grandsons Maddox and Miller Rubio.  They are the very definition of cool!  In short they are short and sweet and I cherish this wonderful time in their lives.  The world hasn’t stolen their childhood innocence yet.  They laugh easily and love hugs and kisses.  They love to use their imagination and I love to see them using it.  A stick becomes a gun, sword, lightsaber, or spear.  A piece of paper and a crayon is the key to another universe.  They have been given a secure, safe home by their parents.  They know Papa and Mimi love them.  They trust Mom and Dad, Aunt ‘Lisa and Uncle David.  Their brothers and cousins are their closest friends.  No wonder it is so easy for them to love and trust God! 

Makes me wish we all were short and sweet!

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