We Know Drama

Ever since I was a kid reading my favorite detective story, I’ve been a sucker for a good story. Now I read less, favoring good movie plots and TV series over books. As I’ve been studying Revelation recently, my attention has been drawn to the ultimate drama that God is working out to accomplish his glorious purpose.

Revelation has a well-earned reputation for fantastic imagery and horrific judgments. It also carries the central theme of the worship and glory of God. Before, after, and in-between sets of judgments in chapters 4-11 are descriptions of the heavenly hosts and the redeemed praising our Almighty Father and His Son, the righteous Lamb of God. It has made me yearn for that day when either our Savior returns or calls us into His presence. 

Great stories provide great drama capped off by a perfect ending. But nothing could surpass what lies ahead of those of us who have been rescued and restored.

3 thoughts on “We Know Drama

  1. Tim, you have a great knack for taking an incredibly difficult book like Revelation and weave it so easily into everyday life, and having exemplify such great truths… all in a few sentences


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