God’s Call

Christmas is over and talk of “making a list and checking it twice” have now been replaced with “making my New  Year’s resolution list”.  I don’t know why but I turned to Exodus 3:1-10 this morning and read this rather bizarre account of Moses’ call to become the savior of the Israelites.  Standing before a talking, burning, but not burning up, bush (I told you it was bizarre) God speaks to Moses and says:  “So now, go. I am sending you to Pharaoh” (Exodus 3:10)

After having all his doubts and objections answered Moses obeyed God’s call and returned to Egypt.  The rest is history. 

I have never seen a burning bush much less had one speak to me but I have sensed God’s call to serve Him in a specific way.  Twenty eight years ago just such an experience led me here to UGA to minister to the students and staff of this great university.  The call made no sense at the time but I had no doubt that God was calling me.  Looking back I am so thankful for the call and for answering it!

Have you had a burning bush experience?  Have you sensed God calling you to serve Him in some specific way?  2010 is only a few days away.  As a Christian I know that all time is God’s time but as a Shadowlander I enjoy the fiction that New Year’s is a special time for starting over and doing better.  At any rate now is a good time to explore God’s call . 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Have I felt God directing me to a specific task or area of service? 
  • If so, have I said yes?
  • Have I, like Moses, told God about my fears? My objections? My feelings of inadequacy?
  • What am I doing right now to answer God’s call?
  • If I’m feeling led to a new area of service, how can I verify what God wants me to do and follow it?

Here is my four step burning bush experience verification plan:

  1. Make sure God initiated it. Don’t force it.
  2. Check the Bible to make sure it’s morally right.
  3. Pray about it — for as long as it takes to be confident of His call.
  4. Get to work doing it!

If God calls you to serve Him in a specific way, do it.   Don’t let anything keep you from obeying God’s call in 2010.

If you hear God’s call, whether through a burning bush or a still small voice, say yes!  

One thought on “God’s Call

  1. I absolutely feel this way too. Looking backwards sometimes is the only way to see God’s will. Praying and seeking the counsel of wise men helps but only God directs.


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